Easton Airport Tower Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

airport tower sunset

Photo by Aloft Aerial Photography

$3 million and half-a-million flight operations later, the Easton Airport Tower is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

In the video below, Mike Henry, airport manager, discusses what it was like securing the funds and building the tower 10 years ago.

The county airport originally approached the Federal Aviation Administration for funding but received a response stating it would cost $7 million and take 7 years to build. Unperturbed, the airport approached the Maryland Aviation Administration who agreed to fund the project (which actually cost $3 million) 50-50. With $1.5 million in hand, Easton Airport was able to raise over $300,000 from the airport tenants, a great example of a public-private partnership.


Easton Airport Facts

Easton Airport is a major economic engine in Talbot County and infuses millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs into the local economy. Below are some quick facts that highlight the airports impact on our economy:

  • Easton Airport is the second busiest airport in Maryland by flight operations
  • 228 planes are based at Easton Airport
  • U.S. Naval Academy students interested in becoming naval pilots begin their training with Trident Aircraft, a company based at Easton Airport
  • Easton Airport is 1 of 84 General Aviation Airports classified as a National Airport by the FAA
  • Maryland State Police Trooper 6 and Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources’ helicopters are based at Easton Airport

Easton Airport Economic Activity

airport data chart

Photo by Maryland Aviation Administration

Visit Easton Airport’s website: https://eastonairport.com/. Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EastonAirport.