Step Back in Time at May 24 Talbot Resolves Celebration

The Talbot Resolves
The 250th anniversary of the Talbot Resolves—shown represented here at the Talbot County Courthouse with this Talbot Historical Society marker—will be celebrated at the Talbot County Courthouse on Friday, May 24 beginning at noon. The free rain or shine event kicks off at noon, with a brief program and light refreshments served. Photo courtesy Talbot County Government.

The sounds of an old-fashioned Town Crier will resonate at the Talbot County Courthouse on Friday, May 24, 2024 as the community takes a step back in time to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Talbot Resolves. The free public event kicks off at noon, rain or shine, with light refreshments served.

The program is sponsored by the Talbot Historical Society, the Talbot County Government and Department of Economic Development and Tourism, and the Colonel Tench Tilghman Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).

“Talbot County acted boldly in declaring our rights, a course of action that later led to American Independence,” said Talbot County Council Vice President Pete Lesher. “We’re grateful to be able to celebrate this 250th anniversary of the Talbot Resolves and to share its messages that still resonate today with the public in a meaningful way.”

The Talbot Resolves was a proclamation made in front of the Talbot Courthouse on May 24, 1774, by several citizens. The patriots declared they would act “as friends to liberty, and to the general interests of mankind” in support of their brethren in Boston, Massachusetts. Great Britain was preparing to shut down the Port of Boston in response to the Boston Tea Party that had occurred the year before on December 16, 1773.

For the commemoration, Richard Culotta will be dressed as the Town Crier while copies of the Talbot Resolves are distributed by a Talbot County Historical Society member also dressed in colonial attire.

Lesher, a direct descendant of Col. Tench Tilghman, will provide an overview of this important historical event. SAR member Wes Hagood will talk about the actions taken by Matthew Tilghman, who was Col. Tench Tilghman’s uncle.

For more information, contact the Talbot Historical Society at 410-822-0773.

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