CBMM awarded grant from Rural Maryland Council

Pictured at the recent graduation of Stephen North from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Shipwright Apprenticeship Program, from left, are Richard Bodorff, Chair of CBMM’s Board of Governors; Kristen Greenaway, CBMM’s President & CEO; Henry Stansbury, an Emeritus member of CBMM’s Board; Nancy Appleby, a member of CBMM’s Board of Governors; Charlotte Davis, Executive Director of the Rural Maryland Council; Stephen North, CBMM’s newest Associate Shipwright; Jennifer Kuhn, CBMM’s Shipyard Education Programs Manager; and Bob Zimberoff, Eastern Shore Apprenticeship Navigator for the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is pleased to announce that it has been awarded more than $30,000 in grant funds from the Rural Maryland Council (RMC) to support its Shipwright Apprentice Program.

CBMM is proud to be engaged in certified workforce training and has been operating a successful Shipwright Apprentice Program for more than 20 years, graduating more than 50 apprentices. In 2018, CBMM began offering a formal four-year apprentice certification, developed in line with U.S. Department of Labor Employment Training Administration Standards and registered with the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program, a division of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation’s Workforce Development and Adult Learning.

“We believe strongly that we need to improve our local economies and we do that through educational attainment and skill development, so we are a big supporter of apprenticeship programs across the State,” said Charlotte Davis, Executive Director of the Rural Maryland Council.

In a small ceremony this winter, CBMM celebrated the graduation of Stephen North, the second apprentice to have finished the registered program, which includes 8,000 hours of real work experiences, as well as leadership and management skill development. Through the program, apprentices gain a working knowledge that includes skills such as joinery techniques, ship repair, and construction. Post-graduation, North has joined CBMM as a full-time associate shipwright working on its construction of a new Maryland Dove.  

“The public may not see our apprenticeship program as typical for a ‘museum,’ yet investing in the shipwright craft is a top priority for CBMM and having a certified workforce training program furthers our growing investment in the Eastern Shore and Maryland for generations to come,” said CBMM President & CEO Kristen Greenaway. “We are very grateful to RMC for its support of our program.”

Established in 2000, RMC’s Maryland Agricultural Education and Rural Development Assistance Fund (MAERDAF) offers important financial support to rural-serving nonprofit organizations that promote statewide and regional planning, economic and community development, and agricultural and forestry education efforts. The Fund also provides targeted financial assistance to community colleges that support small and agricultural businesses through enhanced training and technical assistance offerings.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving and exploring the history, environment, and culture of the entire Chesapeake Bay region, and making this resource available to all.

Every aspect of fulfilling this mission is driven by CBMM’s values of relevance, authenticity, and stewardship, along with a commitment to providing engaging guest experiences and transformative educational programming, all while serving as a vital community partner. For more information, visit cbmm.org or call 410-745-2916.