Be Counted! Take The Census

Be Counted!

You can help shape Talbot County’s future, and all it requires is filling out a simple survey.

Article I, Section 2 Constitution mandates that every United States resident be counted every 10 years. Among other things, the data determines the number of seats each state gets in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Billions of dollars in federal funding are on the line too. Information collected by the census determines funding for business, education, transportation improvements, community services, and healthcare.

Census Day was April 1, which simply means that your survey should reflect the location you lived on that date, but there’s still plenty of time to submit your information. While the Census Bureau temporarily suspended collection activities for 2020 Census field data in March, plans are underway to reactivate field offices and launch local data collection sites beginning June 1. Census takers will continue counting until August 14.