Artificial Intelligence Conference Explores Advancements and Challenges

On Friday, April 5, the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board will host a highly anticipated Artificial Intelligence Conference at the Todd Performing Arts Center at Chesapeake College. This event promises a deep dive into the multifaceted landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for government, business, and academia.

The conference, commencing at 8 a.m., will feature keynote speaker Dr. Jill Schiefelbein, esteemed AI researcher and president of The Dynamic Communicator, Inc. Dr. Schiefelbein’s extensive experience working with renowned organizations such as American Express, McGraw-Hill, and the U.S. Military, coupled with her insightful publications, positions her as a leading authority in the field. She also serves as chief experience officer and partner at Render, a Digital Likeness company.

AI researcher Dr. Jill Schiefelbein will be the keynote speaker at the Artificial Intelligence Conference. Dr. Schiefelbein is the president of The Dynamic Communicator, Inc. and chief experience officer and partner at Render, a Digital Likeness company. She has worked with organizations including American Express, McGraw-Hill, and the U.S. Military.

I’m thrilled to engage with this diverse community across business, government, and educational sectors,” expressed Dr. Schiefelbein. “Artificial intelligence, when used well, can be a tool to solve problems, overcome barriers, and create positive change, and I look forward to exploring those aspects of AI with our audience on April 5.”

Distinguished panelists include Kelly Schultz, CEO of Maryland Technology Council; Brian Cleary, CIO for Qlarant in Easton; Tim Kulp, chief innovation officer at Mind Over Machines; Joyce Hunter, former interim CIO for the USDA and current program director for F3Tech; Dr. Tara Downes and Renee Hesson, representing Caroline County Public Schools; Michael Harvey, John Toll associate professor of business management at Washington College; and Justin Malecki, radiologic sciences program director at Chesapeake College. Moderating the discussion will be Fred Christie, chief information officer with Easton Utilities.

“Artificial Intelligence is growing in both capability and its effects on the business community, workforce, government, and academia,” remarked Dan Schneckenburger, executive director of the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board.  “We all are starting to see the impacts, and this will continue into the future. 

“The conference is designed to educate all on the current status of artificial intelligence so they will feel more comfortable with the options available to them,” he says. “As a workforce investment board, we are interested in the impacts on the workforce now and over time, and this change in labor needs will certainly impact economic development on the Upper Shore.”

Attendees can anticipate dynamic discussions encompassing government policies, educational strategies, workforce implications, and business innovations, culminating at noon. The conference is proudly sponsored by the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board, Chesapeake College, and the Talbot County Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

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8:00-8:30 a.m. | Greetings and Introduction of Keynote Speaker Dr. Jill Schiefelbein

8:30-8:35 a.m. | Dave Harper, Chesapeake College

SESSION ONE         
8:35-9:00 a.m. | Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jill Schiefelbein       

9:10-9:55 a.m. | Workforce, Business Panel

9:55-10:05 a.m.

10:10-10:55 a.m. | Government Panel 

11:05-11:50 a.m. | Academia Panel 

11:50-12:00 p.m.

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